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The Tertiary Preparation Certificate is a TAFE-developed course, offering mature aged students an alternative path to University, employment or further vocational courses. It provides such students an alternative to the HSC.

There are two methods of pursuing this course of study at Bankstown TAFE:
  • Certificate IV in Tertiary Preparation (29603). This is necessary for university entrance. It offers a Tertiary Entrance Score, equivalent of the HSC ATAR.
  • Certificate III in Pathways to Further Study (29602). This is a suitable course for those requiring an HSC equivalent and looking at employment or further training outside university.If offers recognition towards the Certificate IV in TPC, for those wishing to progress to university.


If you would like to enrol in the TPC in 2016, there is an information and testing session on January 21st at 10:00 am in E1.19 (the first floor of B block at Bankstown TAFE). Conversely, you could call the head teacher, Ken Enderby, on 9780 5588 to arrange an early interview. Ken will be on holidays between December 12th and January 17th, however he will be dropping by the college on regular occasions, and may be able to interview you then. Please contact him on ken.enderby@tafensw.edu.au. He checks his email every day during the vacation, and will respond to any inquiries promptly. Otherwise, just turn up to the information session.

General matters

Subjects offered in 2016:

Introductory subjects (A modules)

The following subjects are running in first semester 2016:

The following subjects are NOT running in first semester 2016:

Higher level subjects offered (B modules)

The following subjects are running in second semester 2016:

The following subjects are NOT running in second semester 2016: