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The Tertiary Preparation Certificate is a TAFE-developed course, offering mature aged students an alternative path to University, employment or further vocational courses. It provides such students an alternative to the HSC.

There are two methods of pursuing this course of study at Bankstown TAFE:

To check that you will course complete Certificate IV you need to:
  • complete all the Core units
  • complete at least 2 IT units
  • complete at least 2 AQF3 General Studies units
  • complete 2 AQF4 units ,not counting Apply Critical and Evaluative Language and Learning Skills (LALSB)
  • complete at least one Work and Study Skills unit
  • Your units must total at least 530 hours {not counting the Core units}

General matters

Subjects offered in 2013 Semester One

Introductory subjects (A modules)

(Apply Language and Learning Skills)Team Participation SkillsRespond to the Creative Arts
Australia's Multicultural Society
Contemporary Australian Society
Asia-Pacific RelationsUse Mathematics to solve a range of problemsApply introductory mathematical concepts and skills
Investigate Biological processes
Health Issues A
TPC Computing (4 hpw)

Core Computing (2 hpw)

Higher level subjects offered (B modules)

LALS B (Apply critical and evaluative Language and Learning Skills)
Historical Studies
Political StudiesMaths B (Use Mathematics in a range of contexts)